Parents need to be very careful while selecting a toy for their child because for many kids their favorite toy is their best friend. They spend most of their time playing with toys, thus it should be ensured that the toys with which they play are safe. Maisto Toys are a perfect choice for kids who love to play with remote cars, bikes or airplanes. A wide range of toy cars are available for the children. The designing and functioning of these toys is done in such a manner that it provides a pleasurable playtime to the kids, especially boys.

Maisto Toys

Maisto toys in India have gained much popularity due to theirĀ  excellent and safe-to-use features. The toys are free of lead paint and do not overheat while running on battery. An efficient remote control car should have the ability to move in all four directions, i.e. forward, backward, left and right. Also, the range of the remote control should be at least five meters and the toy should move at a high speed. Toys by Maisto have been built with all the above mentioned features. Let us have a look at some of the products for the kids:

Power Kruzerz- 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera: This carefully designed car is a must have for any kid who loves playing with cars. The toy is made of top-class die-cast and plastic parts. It is a true replica of the original car. The toy is ideal for kids of age 3+.

Rock Crawler Junior: This radio controlled truck has been designed with rear suspension and articulated front. The vehicle can be used by making use of 4 AA batteries and the remote control requires 2 AAA batteries. The toy can be used by kids who are 8+ years.

Tailwinds F-4 Phantom II: This aircraft has been created with finely detailed die-cast and the stand of the toy is made of plastic. The toy is ideal for kids aged 3+.

1:18 Suzuki GSX1300R: This toy is one of the easily recognizable vehicles and kids love to play with this toy. The product is detailed minutely and includes a working kick stand and full suspension. Kids of age 3+ can play with this toy.

Double Metal Kruzerz- Cars & Trucks: This pack consists of plastic and free wheel die cast metal cars. The pack includes 2 cars, Hummer H3T Concept-2003 Hummer SUV. Various colors are available and these toys are a perfect choice for kids aged 3+.

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  1. It’s quite hard to choose a toy for kids. Maisto toy is a very famous brand toy. Children like it very much and they are having a lot of fun with them.


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